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OUR vision

Hillary voters, Bernie supporters, Trump die-hards:  we all want more for this country.  We want to take care of, and protect, our citizens – We want to have a positive impact on, and receive respect from, the world.

Elections focus on differences.  We believe commonalities outshine differences – and jointly embracing the prior can be used as a launching point towards enthusiastically compromising on the latter…Let us unite, and propel the United States of America as a leader towards a healthier, wealthier, safer world for all people.


Our Story

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Many of us voted for Hillary.  Protests have ensued post 2016-election:  proverbially and literally…emanating from frustration but without an end-point.  The Candidate is different than the President – Mr. Trump has said this himself, even after his win.  Let us speak with him, appeal to the common sense and moderate nature he has displayed throughout his history as a businessman and celebrity with a household name.  Let us unite.

The content and spirit of this movement and website emanates from a discussion between two friends, lifelong Democrats and Hillary voters living near D.C., the night after presidential election 2016. While coming to terms with how the election outcome will impact their families, particularly their young children, it was very apparent (in looking at specific policy propositions – and fighting through rhetoric and some distasteful sentiments from outlying supporters) that much of what they stand for Order
is also being fought for by fellow Americans on the opposite of the ballot, including the president-elect:  protecting jobs for US citizens including the working and middle class, fostering security for the nation on all terrains including cyberspace, equity for women and minorities, health insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, a revamp of trade policy, and more.

We are all Americans, before party considerations, and we should team up to accomplish the things we all strive for…