Unify the country.  Shine for the world.

Democrats For Unity is a revolution against the revolution.

We live in the greatest country on earth – every citizen engrained with, and proud of, the story and spirit of our forefathers’ fight for a free nation..with many differing ideas about the “right” way of achieving largely the same end-goals of continued freedom, and winning prosperity, security and enlightenment for those we know and love.

In view of the Republican presidential and congressional victory, and impending Supreme Court refills, those who did not vote for Trump are concerned that there are no more checks and balances between executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  And they are scared.  Many counting down the days until the next Congressional races in 2018, Presidential election in 2020…some protesting in the streets.

But, what is an election protest accomplishing right now?  Each candidate had struggles, some self-imposed, some unfairly cast upon them.  But the election was not rigged – it was won by Donald Trump:  a man who phentermine
has a history of financial contributions to BOTH Democrats and Republicans, whose platform centered around a bipartisan goal of boosting jobs for the lower and middle class, and who has earned a reputation of being the ultimate deal-maker.  Let us reach out to him – why would he not listen?

“It’s different now,” Trump said. “I want a country that loves each other. I want to stress that.” (WSJ November 11, 2016)



Call to action

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”  Martin Luther King

Share the sentiment, forward the website, email us blog content:  to spread hope, encourage & acknowledge & praise unity, and help us influence a better America.

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